Measure for measure

Andrej Tcheutou  Measure for measure  The action of the play takes place in Vienna. The main characters are the duke of Vienna, Vincentio his cousin Angelo, Mariana fiance of Angelo, Escalus an old lord, Claudio a young lord, Juliet Claudios lover, Isabella Claudios sister and Lucio a fellow traveller. At the beginning of the story ...
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Music - Music in New York

Music in New York Music in historycal facts In the first 100 years after the establishment of new york no music was popular Maybe Church service were with music 1742 the first Organ was in NY 21.01.1736 was the first publicly concert songs were with Harpsichord, Flute, Violin 1750 the first Opera in the Nassau Street 1753 the first Chor ...
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Night Without End

 Monday midnight: Jackstraw ,who hears the aeroplane first, comes into the cabin and shouts to Peter Mason that there is an aeroplane flying above them. Mason, who is a doctor, doesn’t believe him, because they are near the north pole and there fly no aeroplanes, but Jackstraw, who is a scientist forces him to come outdoors. And reall ...
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Of mice and men referat

Of mice and men    The story takes place in the early years of amerika and tells about the love two men can feel for another. These two men work on farms. One inarticulate, dumb, sometimes violent in his need, the other clever, hopefully and feels responsible for the other. The name of the intelligent one is george. The other is na ...
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Politics in the United States of America

Politics in the United States of America     Politic in the U.S.A. isn`t very easy. The best example were the choice last year. Where George W. Bush jr. wins the choices afer a long way. But what is the politics in the U.S.A.?   Importent people ...
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Presley - Elvis Presley - King of Rock'n'Roll

~ Elvis Presley -"King of Rock'n'Roll" Today I want to talk about Elvis Presley. I am sure you all know him, but let me show you a picture of him. First I want to teIl you something about himself. Then I will teIl you a man‘s opinion of EI vis Presley. Elvis Presley was born at the eighth of January 1935 in East Tupelo. He w ...
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Relativpronoun, Modalverbs

Relativpronoun:   I saw a girl. She is standing over there. 10 points Sue had a problem. She did not know how to solve it. My brother visits my grandmother. She is in the hospital now. I don't like boys. They are too cool. We have got a cat. It is called "Momo"   Tenses: &# ...
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Reported Speech

  Reported Speech:   "Our teacher isn't very friendly" Lilly said.   "This cannot be true!" Billy said.   "Sue wasn't at home yesterday." her mother said in a worrid voice.   "She has been smoking too much." her doctor said.   "I do not know Claudia Sc ...
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SIMON BRETT SITUATION TRAGEDY   Charles Paris, an elderly actor, gets the role of a "Golf-Club barman", which is a regular character in the new sitcom "The Strutters". One evening, Charles is visited by a friend, who is a fan of Aurelia Howarth, the main actress, and who wants to be introduced to her. Just ...
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Tennessee Williams - THE GLASS MENAGERIE

Tennessee Williams: THE GLASS MENAGERIE  The author: Thomas Lanier Williams was born in 1911 in Columbus, Mississippi and experienced a difficult childhood. His father was a travelling salesman and heavy drinker and his mother had hysterical attacks. His younger sister Rose was emotionally and mentally unstable, which had a great influence ...
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