Night Without End

Night Without End

Monday midnight:

Jackstraw ,who hears the aeroplane first, comes into the cabin and shouts to Peter Mason that there is an aeroplane flying above them. Mason, who is a doctor, doesn't believe him, because they are near the north pole and there fly no aeroplanes, but Jackstraw, who is a scientist forces him to come outdoors. And really Mason hears also the plane. So he thinks that the plane is in trouble. Suddenly as they can see it, they recognize that it will crash. So they take all their clothes they have. Joss, who is also a scientist makes the dog sledge ready and then they drive to the aeroplane. They  also need the homing spool to came back, because you can get lost very fast. Five minutes later they hear the crash and after a while they are near the plane. They find two dead persons, one is very badly hurt and the other passengers are not or less hurt. Joss gives them the clothes, because without them they are frozen. Mason fixes some of the passengers up and then Jackstraw brings some of them to the cabin.

Monday 1.a.m. to 2 a.m.:

Mason fixes the others up and the scientists drive them to the cabin. But when Mason, Joss and  Jackstraw come back to the cabin, they see that a person has destroyed the radio, which they need to talk with other people in the next town. Next to the table there stands the stuardess. There Mason explains them who they are, but he can't tell them why they have crashed near the north pole.

Monday 2.a.m. to 3.a.m.:

 Mason also says that they are lucky, because in the aeroplane they have been only nine persons alive. Then they tell all them their names and what jobs they have. At first a woman says that she is the famous actress Marie LeGarde. Then Nick Corazzini says his name, after him reverend Joseph Smallwod, Solly Levin, Johnny Zagero, who is a boxer, Mrs Dansby - Gregg, Dansby's maid Fleming, Theodore Mahler, Senator Brewster, an injured radio operator and the stewardess Margaret Ross. Then they go to bed, but Mason tells Jackstraws that somebody has given some drugs to those people.

Monday 6.a.m. to 6.p.m.:

When they wake up, they find the radio operator dead. Dr. Mason says that the operator died because of an internal bleeding in the brain. But he thinks that the stewardess has destroyed the radio and has killed him. Then they all talk about how they can survive or get to the next town. After that Mason and Jackstraws fetch the suitcases from the aeroplane.  After a while Margaret comes to Mason, because she has a injury. Peter doesn't believe her that he has got hurt by the crash. Jackstraws and Corazzini make the old tractor ready. Meanwhile Mason goes back to the plane, but in the kitchen there isn't any blood only in cockpit.So Mary must have lied. And there he sees that the capitan has been shot and also another passenger has been shot. But the two dead bodies have been shot by two different guns. When he wants to go back, he sees another person in  the plane. He jumps out of the window screen, which is the only open, but somebody has taken away the homing spool. So he knows that somebody wants to kill him. He walks a long time, but then he finds the way back. Back he tells everything to Jackstraws and shows him the gun and an article which he has found in the pocket of the dead passenger.

Monday 6.p.m. to 7.p.m.:

Then Mason and Margaret go to the plane and there he tells her that she is the murderer. She denies being a murderer, because she can't jump up to the window screen. Because of that Mason knows that she can't be the murderer and then they fall in love.

Monday 7.p.m. to Tuesday 7.a.m.:

Jackstraws and Mason come back into the cabin. There they search the whole cabin and the suitcases for the guns, but they don't find anything. Suddenly the aeroplane exploes.

They eat something and after that they start to drive to the next town, but in the tractor it is cold, because they have no heating.

 Tuesday 7a.m. to Tuesday midnight:

Mason finds out that Mahler is a diabetic, because he has stolen some sugar. Mahler and Mason have no insulin so they must hurry to come to the next town.

Wednesday 4.a.m. to 8.p.m.:

In the tractor there is also a radio, but it is so old that they must be close to the receiver to be heard. Suddenly they can talk with Hillcrest, who is also a scientist. He has been on a trip and Joss who is in the cabin tells Hillcrest what has happened when he comes back from the trip. Hillcrest has a new tractor which is faster and he wants to drive to them, but the murderer has put some sugar into the petrol, which they have stored in the cabin and now they can only move slowly. Then Mason goes back to the tractor cabin and he sees a picture of total misery, because the passengers look more dead than alive, because there is more than 56 degrees below zero.

Then Mason wants to go back to the tractor cabin but on the way to it he has knocked down by somebody and that person has stolen him the article.

Wednesday 8.p.m. to Thursday 4.p.m.:

They drive on very smooth ice, because of that Mason drives very slowly. But then a person says to him that  Mrs. Dansby  has fallen into a crevasse. He and Jackstraws jump out of the tractor and help her out of the crevasse.  The next time nothing happens, but when they want to cook something to eat, the find outthat somebody has stolen the food. So Mason searches for it and finds a locked suitcase, which belongs to Zagero. He can't open it because he has no keys, but Corazzini has them. And in the suitcase there is really the lost food, because of that Mason ties them up. After it Mason asks Mahler how Hillcrest can make the petrol clean again. Mason tells Hillcrest the answer.

Thursday 4.p.m. to Friday 6.p.m.:

They drive without stopping, but then Smallwood and Corazzini, who are the murderers overpower Jackstraws and Mason. Then Mason notices that they have stolen a missle mechanism. After that the passengers, Mason and Jackstraws must walk on the ice.

The murderersdrive away with the tractor. But they take Zagero and Margaret with them.

Friday 6.p.m. to Saturday 12.15.:

Mason and the others walk along. Then they find the dog sledge which the tractor has lost. On the way to it the Senator dies. At the sledge they can make some help signals with the weather balloons, which are in the sledge. After a while Hillcrest comes with the tractor and an aeroplane brings some insulin for Mahler. So they are saved. The stolen mechanism is searched  by a lot of countries with aeroplanes and boats. Mason wants to catch the murderers, because of that they drive after them. Then they want to shoot the murderers with a rifle, but they are too far away.

Saturday 12.15 p.m. to 12.30 p.m.:

So they run to the tractor, but Smallwood wants to kill Margaret if they come nearer. Then Mason, Zagero and Hillcrest overpower one of the murderer. Smallwood runs away with Margaret, but they fall in a crevasse. There Mason jumps on Smallwood. Jackstraws who wants to help them out has to hurry, because the crevasse will be smaller and smaller. Jackstraws helps them out, but they let Smallwood in and he dies, because they don't want to help a bad killer without emotions.

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