ALCOHOL  Alcohol is a part of most people’s lives from their teens onwards. Experimentation with alcohol begins at an early age, typically in the form of a glass of wine shared with parents. Children’s behaviour and attitudes are strongly influenced by their parents and the world around them, particularly as portrayed in t ...
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AMERICA referat

AMERICA Andrea Kraxner America’s history 10 000 years before Columbus came the Indians lived along the Mississippi. They had their own form of economy and they were independent. 1492 Columbus came to America. The Spanish and the British were the first s ...
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Australia - country

Australia    History:   Australia is a country of contrasts. It is as big as the USA without Alaska, but has only 17,1 millions inhabitants. The first humans, who already came 40.000 years ago, were the aboriginal inhabitants from Asia. But its written history began only 200 years ago with the beginning of the colonisation ...
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Being There - Jerzy Kosinski

Being There Jerzy Kosinski  In 1970 Jerzy Kosinski released/published the novel “Being There”. The plot is about Chance, who becomes very popular through his appearance in several media (TV-shows, newspapers). Chance has lived in a house of an old man since he was a little child. He has no parents - his mother died after ...
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BOOK REPORT - AGATHA CHRISTIE - The Man in the Brown Suit

 B O O K R E P O R T   B y F l o r i a n K a t z i n g e r AGATHA CHRISTIE   The Man in the Brown Suit                                            ...
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Braveheart By Clemens Hofer

Braveheart By Clemens Hofer   Author: After graduating from Duke University, Tennessee-born Randall Wallace relocated to Los Angeles and began writing novels. Within several months, he had landed at Stephen Cannell Productions as a producer and writer. Wallace went on to work in those capacities on the series "J.J. Starbuck" ...
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BRITAINS FIRST “CHILD JAIL”   In Britain there´s a high rate of crime. And the worst problem is that the offenders are getting much younger. So the government thought about possibilities to find a solution for this very serious problem. But they aren´t sure if young offenders need special care or if they should be p ...
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Canada - Basic Information, Landscape, Climate, People, Government and Social Conditions

Canada   Basic Information   Canada is the world’s second largest country after Russia by covering the northern two-fifths of Northern America. The capital of this country, which stretches 4.600 km from north to south and 5.380 km from east to west, is Ottawa. However, Canada is one of the most thinly populated countries. &n ...
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Cannery Row by john Steinbeck

Cannery Row by john Steinbeck  The Autor   John Steinbeck is born in 1902 in Salinas, California. He went to university, left six years later without taking a degree. Then he went to New York as a journalist. In this time, 1929, his first novel was published. He married and returned to California and wrote several novels like „ ...
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Coma - Robin Cook Fiction, Medical Novel

BOOK REPORT:by Mathew KallumadilTitle and author:   “Coma” by Robin Cook: Fiction, Medical Novel Place and Time:   The story happens in 1976, in Boston, in the United States. Plot:   When Nancy Greenley's routine D&C medical operation is nearing completion, the anesthetist reports strange fibrillations of t ...
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