One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest by Ken Kesey   Author Ken Kesey is an American author who was born in Colorado in 1935. He studied in Oregon and Stanford and after finishing his studies he passed turbulent years in California. In 1968 he settled down in Oregon. Kesey’s experiences with the drug scene and the situation in hosp ...
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Other Opinions about the Reform for Upper Forms in Secondary Schools

Other Opinions about the Reform for Upper Forms in Secondary Schools   GEW: declaration of bankruptcy   teachers and principals: does not help to improve the quality in upper forms   parents: no need to change anything   Rainer Haase, GEW Hesse: the reform for upper forms in 1972 is buried   Kolja Mö ...
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A bizarre love story

Page 2 from page 1   A bizarre love story     Jerry Killaski, wanted to commit suicide by jumping from the bridge in the cold and deep water, but he was saved by Denise Vetovich, who passes first without noticing him, she later told us. He wants to write down his adress to save it for the posterity. So he asks ...
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A Farewell to Arms

A Farewell to Arms [If The Sun Also Rises was one of the best books I have ever read, then A Farewell to Arms is Truth. I simply cannot believe that these books existed so long without my knowledge of how grand they are. I consider myself to read constantly, more than almost anyone I know, literature and simple, and here in less than a month I ...
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A Lesson Before Dying

A Lesson Before Dying    Author: Ernest J. Gaines was born in 1933 on a Louisiana plantation as s son of a poor family. He is one of the most popular contemporary novelists in the United States. Some of his books are “Catherine Carmier”, “Of Love and Dust”, “Bloodline”, “A Long Day in Novembe ...
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A Street with No Name

A Street with No Name Last summer, I wrote about some of the pleasures and peculiarities about living in the country. What I hadn't come to appreciate at the time was the frustration that would come from living on a street that has no name. At first, the idea of having a nameless street seemed rather nice. In this day and age where it seems even ...
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A Taste Of Honey

Shelagh Delaney: A T a s t e O f H o n e y  The author: Shelagh Delaney was born in 1939 in Salford in north-west Britain. She left school at sixteen and had a lot of different jobs. When she was eighteen she wrote the script for “A Taste of Honey” where she wanted to realistically portray the lives of people from the wo ...
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A Tribut to Kurt Cobain

A Tribut to Kurt Cobain  It is three years ago, since the „Godfather of Grunge“ killed himself in his luxury house in Seattle. At that time his suicide dropped many Kids into deepest sadness. But who was Kurt Cobain, the man,who couldn’t just enrich a generation with his music, but them, with his „Fuck on the world ...
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ACROSS THE BARRICADES By Joan Lingard     The Author Joan Lingard was born in Edinburgh but grew up in Belfast, where she lived until she was eighteen. She began writing when she was eleven, and has never wanted to be anything other than a writer. She is the author or more than twenty novels ...
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