The ways of dating things

The ways of dating things  Since the ancient world people were thinking about the world they are living in. They tried to find out how everything works and the time which has passed since then. By now scientist found some different ways for telling the age of things found on earth, of the earth itself and also of the universe.   ...
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The X Files Tiger, Tiger

The X - Files: Tiger, Tiger By Les Martin  Author: Les Martin is famous for his books for younger readers, he mainly wrote adaptations of movies or, as in this case, of TV - series, for example ”Raiders of the lost Arc”, ”Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom” or ”The Adventures of the Young Indian ...
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Town - Our Town - by Thornton Wilder

Our Town by Thornton Wilder  Thornton Wilder’s play reveals how life is like in a typical small town, in Grover’s Corner. It was first published in 1938. At first the stage manager presents the town. He explains where the most important buildings and locations are situated. Afterwards an everyday morning is simulated. You see ...
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UNDER THE LAKE Stuart Woods was born in a small Georgia town. After universi:ty, he started his writing career in advertising. He worked in New York and London. Then he moved to Ireland and started to write his first novell 'Chiefs". This book won the Edgar Allan Poe award from the Mystery Writers of America. Now he lives in America and wh ...
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VEGETARIANISM  The term “vegetarianism” generally describes a range of diets that exclude all animal flesh (meat, fish and poultry). Meat may be replaced with either greater quantities of other “normal” components of a traditional omnivore diet (e.g. more cheese, eggs, bread) or with the introduction of “replac ...
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Walkabout - James Vance Marshall

  BOOK REPORT        TITLE: Walkabout  LITERARY GENRE: An adventure story AUTHOR: James Vance Marshall   PLOT SYNOPSES: Mary is thirteen and her brother Peter is eight years old. They are the only survivors of an air crash in the middle of th ...
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Wedding - Four Weddings and a Funeral - by Richard Curtis

Four Weddings and a Funeral by Richard Curtis  As you can think there are four weddings and a funeral in this film. The film begins when Charles (Hugh Grant) and his friend Scarlett wake up and recognize that they had woken up too late. They hurry to the wedding of Angu ...
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WILLIAM FAULKNER'S AS I LAY DYING   ^^^^^^^^^^WILLIAM FAULKNER: THE AUTHOR AND HIS TIMES   No one who knew William Faulkner in high school would have voted him "most likely to succeed." He dropped out in the eleventh grade. "I never did like school," he said, "and I stopped going as soon as I got big en ...
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Wire Pirates

Wire Pirates  Someday the Internet may become an information superhighway, but right now it is more like a 19th-century railroad that passes through the badlands of the Old West. As waves of new settlers flock to cyberspace in search for free information or commercial opportunity, they make easy marks for sharpers who play a keyboard as d ...
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Zeitformen - Tenses

Zeitformen - Tenses   1. Present   Simple Present: Das Simple Present beschreibt Handlungen im Allgemeinen, beschreibt Regelmäßigkeiten und Wiederholungen. Zu beachten ist, dass in der 3. Person Singular (he/she/it) dem Verb ein -s angehängt wird.   He sings every morning. He always walks this way. & ...
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