Charles Dickens - Great Expectations

Charles Dickens: „Great Expectations“       „Great Expectations“ describes the life of Philip Perrip, called Pip. It is told by Pip himself (first-person narrator). The story is of danger, exitement and adventure, but also describes relationships, characters, the feeling of love and differences betw ...
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Classic Chinese and Japanese Love Poetry

Study Guide for Classic Chinese and Japanese Love Poetry   Classical Chinese and Japanese poetry relates human emotions and sensations to images of nature. These images are prescribed by tradition, and have stereotypical associations which the reader is expected to know. In addition, complex word and sound play is common, little of it tran ...
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Climbing in Yosemite Valley

Climbing in Yosemite ValleyClimbers in Yosemite Valley, until recently engrossed in the complexities of aid-climbing on the big walls, are now concentrating on short free climbs, and working hard to limit the use of pitons. Here Jim Bridwell, a leading figure in this free-climbing renaissance, reports on the new mood that grips the valley. The ...
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Coca-Cola The national soft drink            Index: The history of Coca-Cola! The possessors of Coca-Cola John Pemberton - The inventor of Coca Cola Asa Candler - The Coca-Cola King Robert Woodruff & the new Santa Claus Roberto Goizueta - The man who changed the formula ...
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Computer Education at schools

Computer Education at schools: In most of the schools in Japan or America and in many schools in Germany the using of computers in the tuition is just as normal as using a pencil or a rubber. The goverments of these countries have already realizied, that in our high technnologized and computerized world, only people, who have had a good comp ...
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CONFLICT IN IRELAND The people of Northern Ireland disagree about the future of Ireland. One side wants to remain part of the UK. They are called Unionists. Hardline Unionists are also known as Loyalists. Most of the Unionists are also Protestants. The other side want Northern Ireland to join the South and become part of the Irish Republic. The ...
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Dangerous Minds - referat

Dangerous Minds  Miss Johnson is a teacher at Parkmont Highschool. She teaches at risks of students. At the first time they don’t take her serious. But she achieves to impress them with karate and she tells them about the time at the Marines. Raul and Durell try to ape. She tries to level down on their standard. She has two rules ...
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Dead man walking - by Sister Helen Prejean

“Dead man walking” by Sister Helen Prejean   At first I would like to say a few words about the authors biography and after that I will come to the story of the book which is completely different from the story of the film and in the end we will see a little excerpt of the German version of the film   Sister Helen Pre ...
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 DEAD POET´S SOCIETY  At the Welton Academy new students are taught four pillars which will guide them through their studies: tradition, honour, diszipline and excellence. The headmaster tells them that they are going to work harder than ever before in their lives, but in the end the reward will be success. As all the students s ...
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Death of a Salesman - Arthur Miller

Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller   The author:   Arthur Miller was born on 17 October 1915 in Harlem. He grew up during the American Depression and this situation affected his own family when his father’s clothing factory experienced financial difficulties. Arthur Miller himsel ...
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