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Turin is the city of the porticoes, that come loose more of 16 km. From that imposing and much beautiful of the center, with the flooring in grey stone (Po street ) or in marble (Roma street), to that more modest and functional of the outskirts, they constitute an unique urban architectural characteristic. From the fact, that they offer a shelter against the rain and the sun, the porticoes invite ...
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Anglo-Saxon language

HISTORY Designates the population in Britain partly descended from the Germanic tribes who migrated from Europe and settled the south and east of the island beginning in the early 5th century, and the period after their initial settlement through their creation of the English nation up to the Norman conquest. The Anglo-Saxon era denotes the period of English history between about ...
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CHARLES DICKENS LIFE: . He was born near Portsmoutn in 1812. His father was a clerk in the Navy Pay Office. . He read novels by Fielding and Defoe, which gave a vigorous and humorous background to his future works. . In 1823, Dickens and his family went to London. There, his father was always in debt, so Charles was obliged to leave school and work in a factory (a painful experience). . Thanks ...
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Dispelling illusions - Life insurance

Purchasing life insurance has never been, and never will be, fun, Nevertheless, it is important-especially for the high-nel-worth individual who must provide liquidity for estate planning purposes. To put the purchasing decision in perspective, the author presents a brief history of life insurance, explaining the developments that have led to today s array of products. Their variegated evolution means ...
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La etnia negra - origin of the black race in Panama

Historically there were three large black arrivals to Panamanian soil, although some anthropologists say they have been present in America since before the arrival of Christopher Columbus. One of these investigations is based on discoveries at an archaeological site in Mexico called the sale, where they found huge skulls with thick lips and flat noses "like warriors" Africans. In the case of Panama, ...
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New Deal

The New Deal  complex package of economic programs  between 1933 and 1935  Relief to the unemployed and badly hurt farmers  Reform of business and financial practices, and promoting  Recovery of the economy during the Great Depression Situation Roosevelt took office on March 1933, the nation was deeply troubled Every bank in the nation had ...
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The ballad is an oral poem which was originally intended for musical accompaniment and dancing. Ballads were a phenomenon of the later Middle Ages throughout Europe and spread over to America through immigration in the 18th and 19th centuries. Ballads are anonymous; they were handed down over generations by singers or minstrels. The singers composed the balla d using stock phrases or descriptions ...
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The development of the dog

The development of the dog My name is Klara Sevenich. I'm in Mrs Kern's form 10a. I would like to talk about the origin of the dog. The development of the dog started with the wolves. They hunt and live in big packs of about 15-20 animals. Their main prey are hooved animals, for example moose or buffalo. Wolves lived all over Europe but in Western and Central Europe they are now nearly extinct. ...
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The first half of XIX century is an age of important reforms. With William IV's reign the Reform Act(1832) increased the size of electorate. This act abolished rotten boroughs and changed the electoral system; for this reason all male members of the middle classes gained to right to vote. In 1833 the Factory Act forbade children exploitation: children couldn't be empyed more then ...
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Walter Scott (1771-1832)

Sir Walter Scott was born in Edinburgh. As a child he was stricken by polio, so he was lame and very delicate: he couldn't do anything but read. His literary reputation was at first based on poetry: all on Scottish lore and life. So he had an encyclopaedic knowledge of Scotland: in fact he red legends, history, tales and story of Scotland. Then Scott turned to prose: he wrote Waverly (1814), a story ...
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WILFRED OWEN 1893-1918 - Preface to his poetry

Owen says that hi poetry was not about heroes, about legends, or lands, or glory, honour, majesty, power; his poetry was about war. The subject of his poetry in particular is the pity of the war (= the sufferance of the soldiers). Owen speaks also about the role of the poet: he has to inform all the people who haven't a direct experience of the war, the real war, in order to avoid other conflicts ...
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W. is interested not in the natural world but in the relationship between the natural world and the men; in fact one of the most consistent concepts in W. is the idea that man and nature are inseparable; man is an active participant in the natural world, so nature is considered by the author as a guide to the spiritual and moral life of man. W. describes the forms, shapes and colours of natural objects, ...
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LIFE -He was born in the Lake District -He lost his mother when he was 8 and his father when he was 13 -He died in 1850 THEMES The natural landscape of the Lake District influenced him strongly, nature aroused in him strong emotions and his poetic composition took place from the recollection in tranquillity of these emotions. - Poetry describes incidents and situations from simple rustic ...
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