The London Theatres in the Elizabethan London

The London Theatres in the Elizabethan London  London: large population, place of political and economical Power main centre of English intellectual life centre for inland and overseas trade rich merchants interested to open up new markets for England theatre-going one of the favourite pastimes public-theatres: mixed audience prim ...
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The Loved One - Evelyn Waugh

The Loved One Evelyn Waugh When Francis Hinsley lost his job as a writer in a film company in Hollywood he kills himself. Dennis Barlow a friend of him works in the happier hunting ground which is a funeral home for pets. Dennis now is instructed to arrange about Francis funeral. For this he visited Whispering Glades which is huge cementry. ...
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The main tourist attractions in Australia

The main tourist attractions in Australia   Ayers Rock   The compact rock provides an overwhelming view with a height of 348 m and a scope of nearly 9 km. It is the biggest Monolith of the world. It is also called the red heart of the continent. In 1872 it was discovered by the Europeans and it has already been a holy shrine of the ...
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The Merchant of Venice - by William Shakespeare

  The Merchant of Venice by William Shakespeare   Facts The Merchant of Venice was written around 1596/97. It is a comedy in 5 acts, written in verse and prose. The first performance took place in London before 1600. It was first printed in 1600. Shakespeare used sources like e.g. "The jew of Malta" by Christopher Marl ...
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The Old Man and the Sea - By Ernest Hemingway

The Old Man and the Sea By Ernest Hemingway  Ernest Hemingway was born in Chicago in 1899 and was educated at public schools. He showed soon a noticeable talent for writing, and at the age of sixteen he became a junior reporter for a Kansas newspaper. His journalistic career was interrupted by the First World War, in which he served in F ...
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The Outsiders - Hinton

AUTHOR: S.E. Hinton   TITLE: The Outsiders   MAIN CHARACTERS: Ponyboy (Pony) Curtis is fourteen years old. He has greenish-grey eyes and red hair, which is longer than a lot of boys wear theirs and it´s squared off at the back and long at the front and sides. He growned up with a gang, which is called Greaser. The boys ...
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The Pearl John Steinbeck

The Pearl     John Steinbeck wrote this book. He was born in Salinas, California in 1902. He worked on the Stanford Universtity and as journalist. He wrote also some other books. The most famous ones are "Tortilla Flat" and "Of Mice and Men". He won the Nobel Prize in 1962. He died in New York in 1968.   ...
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The Picture of Dorian Gray - Oscar Wilde

The Picture of Dorian Gray Oscar Wilde     Personen   Lord Henry Wotton: recht jung, Oberschicht, raucht viel, sehr zynisch und dadurch z.T. grob und verletzend, bringt unauffällig viele Weisheiten (?) (eher provozierende Thesen), viele seltsame Ansichten, man weiss nicht, ob er sie selbst glaubt, Harry genannt, findet s ...
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The Problems of Overfishing

The Problems of Overfishing Or too many people chasing too few fish  Today, 11 of the world's 15 major fishing areas and 69% of the world's major fish species are in decline according to the United Nation's Food and Agriculture Organization. The population of the Bluefin Tuna in the Atlantic Ocean is already depleted. Apart from env ...
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The Red Pony - John Steinbeck

The Red Pony    The Plot:   The novel “The Red Pony” by John Steinbeck is set near Salinas, California. It deals with the life of the ten-year-old Jody Tiflin and his growing into manhood. The other main persons are his parents, Carl and Ruth Tiflin, and the cow-hand Billy Buck. “The Red Pony” deals with ...
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