The last inch

The last inch   1. Understanding the text   Ben was paid by the Commercial Television Stock Company. This company pay one thousand dollar for every five hundred feet of shark film and premiums for special fish films like perches (500 dollar) and hammer-head sharks ( 1000 dollar) s ...
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The moving finger by Agatha Christie

The moving finger by Agatha Christie  After a flying accident, the pilot Jerry Burton from London is rather badly injured. That’s why his doctor Markus Kent advises him to spend some time in the country in order to promote the healing process. Jerry and his younger sister Joanna, who wants to accompany and look after him, choose th ...
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    THE SECRET GARDEN   Frances Hodgson Burnett  Mary Lennox lived with her parents in India. Her father worked hard and was never at home. Her mother was very beautiful and she liked to go out with her friends. So they had no time for her. The servant took care of her. She was o ...
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The story of my life - by Helen Keller

The story of my life   by Helen Keller     In her book Helen Keller only wants to describe the most important and interesting parts of her life till she became 20 years old. Helen was born on June 27 1880 in Tuscumbia, a little town of northern Alabama. Her father was a captain in the Confederate Army, her mot ...
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Unemployment referat

U N E M P L O Y M E N T  We have to differentiate a few types of unemployment: seasonal unemployment: e.g. tourism-areas, construction sector cyclical unemployment: if a country has an economical boom then people have jobs, if their is an economical bust people lose jobs frictional unemployment: you stop working in December and start you ...
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Vietnam - The War in Vietnam - The longest war of the 20th century

The War in Vietnam The longest war of the 20th century!    The first phase: The Indochina war   After the withdrawal of the Japanese troops in 1945 the “Democratic Republic of Vietnam” was founded on September the 2nd in Hanoi in the North. Under the President Ho Chi Minh, founder and president of the communist ...
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What makes a global language - Why is English a leading candidate

    What makes a global language?   Why is English a leading candidate?   And will it hold this position?   A few years ago I travelled around Europe with a friend. Although we knew only a little French, we were able to travel with no problem. Everyone we encountered, with a few exceptions, spoke English. It ...
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 WOOD PULPING    Alkaline Pulping Processes  1.1. Kraft (Sulfate) Pulping   The sulfate or kraft process exhibits a higher selectivity of delignification and, for this reason, has almost completely replaced the older soda or sodium hydroxide pulpingg process. Only in the case of annual plants that are easily ...
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Classical Love Poetry

Study Guide for Classical LovePoetry   Sources: Barnstone, Willis, trans. Greek Lyric Poetry. Bloomington, Indiana: Indiana University Press, 1967. Carrier, Constance, trans. The Poems of Propertius . Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 1963. Kate Farrell: Art & Love: An Illustrated Anthology of Love Poetry. New York: Bulfinc ...
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Animal Farm referat englisch

  Werner Bailer <   George Orwell, who's real name was Eric Blair, was born in 1903 in Motihari, India and educated in England. 1922 he joined the Indian Imperial Police in Burma but he returned to England five years later to become a writer. In 1933 he wrote his first book "Down and Out in Pari ...
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