OF MICE AND MEN characters: lennie: main like a child like an animal forget things alot isn't as dumb as he seems curleys wife: goes to man to talk wants to be touched compared with color red george: smart dreams of independent life curley: little angry about big men crooks: loneliest person on farm always the victim => bit ...
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ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE (Personal Neural Network - in the "brain" itself BUT the principles conveyed herein also apply to our "dimensional space" technology as explained on our web page ending with the suffix ctsite.htm)   Also you may wish to wander into The Human Brain.   5GL-LISA, A New Frontier of Science ...
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Referat ENIGMA

ENIGMA by ROBERT HARRIS    ENIGMA is the name of a German decipherig machine, which is until nowadays worth to be a technical wonder. At BLETCHLEY PARK was the English Cipher Bureau during World War II.     Th book is about Thomas Jericho who worked as a cryptoanalyst during World War II at Bletchley Park. There he ...
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Referat School in the USA

Andreas Bitzer, 11c  School in the USA     School in the USA is quite different when compared to school in Germany. All the students go to the same kind of school. That’s the reason why the American schools are so huge. All the kids from a certain area attend the same school. They aren’t divided into higher and ...
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Referat The Catcher in the Rye

The Catcher in the Rye  Outline The Author: Jerome D. Salinger Plot Summary The Language & Style used in the book Analysis of Holden’s Character   1) Jerome D. Salinger was born in 1919 in New York City as the son of a well-to-do grocery salesman Attended various east Coast private prep schools and afterwards a c ...
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RACISM (= RACIALISM), STEREOTYPES   One of the main reasons for differences between human beings are the geographical barriers, which kept the groups apart for a long time. Each group evolved its own characteristics. The races differ in their skin colour, their blood and other physical characteristics. Including all sub-divisions th ...
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Anmerkungen, zu dem veröffentlichten Referat Mass Media in Great Britain

Anmerkungen, zu dem veröffentlichten Referat „Mass Media in Great Britain“     Dieses Referat wurde von mir, im Januar 2000, für den KI Englisch Leistungskurs angefertigt. Ich habe darauf 11 Punkte erhalten.   Die Tabellen, die dieser Datei beiliegen, sind als Overhead-Folien gedacht. Des ...
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Archie Weller THE DAY OF THE DOG

Archie Weller: THE DAY OF THE DOG   PLOT: The story takes place in Perth in Australia, where a young 19-year-old Aboriginal man, named Doug Dooligan comes out of prison after eighteen long and lonely months. He has been put behind bars because of a brawl. Now he is celebrating his freedom and getting drunk to forget those horrible nights ...
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ARTHUR C. CLARKE - OF TIME AND STARS (5 Short Stories)   The Author:   Arthur C. Clarke was born in Somerset in 1917 and is graduate of King's College, London. During the second World War, as an RAF officer, he was in charge of the first radar talk-down experi-mental trials. In 1945 he published the first technical paper layi ...
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Artificial Intelligence

S.H.Nov 1994Artificial Intelligence:       Today there are two main groups in the ai research. The ones are the logicists and the others are the connectionists. The logicists are the traditional ai scientists who try to create ai on computers based at the &qu ...
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