Little Lord Faunterlory

Little Lord Faunterlory   When Cedric Errol, a handsome young boy, is born in New York, nobody knows that he is an earl. His father died, when he was young, so he only knows his mother. She is a beautiful and kind woman. They live together in a small cottage with their chambermaid Mary. Cedric has some friends, Mr. Hobbs, who owns a smal ...
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Living In The Country

Living In The Country B. Schmid   We’ve read that living in the city has advantages and disadvantages. About living in the country it is the same.   Let’s first talk about the advantages. The biggest plus for living in the country, is the space. In the country you have much more space to live. For example, most o ...
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LONDON englisch referat

LONDON von Nicole Jägersberger & Sabine Breimaier HAK 2. Jahrgang    Today we want to invite you on a journey to London. London has 7 million inhabitants and is the capital of the United Kingdom. The climate is mild and damp and the weather is generally cloudy and foggy.   Now we will tell you something about the h ...
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Lord of the Flies - Events - Chapter

        Chapter Events Themes The boys’ reactions   Plane crash on a tropical island; Ralph and Piggy find a conch, blow it and call other boys; boys vote Ralph for their chief; Jack doesn’t dare to kill a pig Beauty of the island Glamour like a paradise Leadership Friend ...
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Lord Of The Flies - referat englisch

LORD OF THE FLIES Whatever its intellectual pretensions, William Golding has created a successful adventure story about a group of boys abandoned on a tropical island somewhere in the Pacific Ocean. They are the victims of a war which is still in progress elsewhere. First, they put up an election. A boy called Ralph is elected by a clear major ...
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Los Angeles

Table of contents   1.) FACTS a) Area b) Population, Inhabitants c) Parts of the city d) Languages e) Nicknames   2.) INFRASTRUCTURE a) Mountains b) Rivers c) Streets, Roads, Freeways d) Climate, Weather   3.) SITUATION TODAY a) Economy b) Tourism c) Poverty & ...
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Love Poems from the New Kingdom of AncientEgypt

Study Guide for "Love Poems from the New Kingdom of AncientEgypt"   These poems are taken from John L. Foster: Love Songs of the New Kingdom (New York: Scribner, 1974). However, other editions are available. Barbara Hughes Fowler: Love Lyrics of Ancient Egypt (Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press, 1994). Ezra Pound a ...
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Magic the gathering - The cursed Land

Magic the gathering (05) The cursed Land  mana: Every thing contains mana. Mana is a mystical energy wizards can “tap“ (=manipulate or use). The Nohrish: Progenies of Nohr, who destoyed the Clan Tree that guarded the ways of every living thing and held them in balance. The Nohrish are cursed. Since the parting th ...
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MAGNA CHARTA   The Magna Charta (or the Great Charter) was one of the first agreements, that helped the aristocrats, the clergyman and the simple inhabitants, to get more rights(at the expense of the king). That’s why England is called “The cradle of the human rights“. Now we’re going to tell you how this agreeme ...
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Main Themes - Romanticism and Realism

Main Themes  The main themes in this story are Romanticism and Realism I found two definitions   The fist one describes Romanticism like this:   Romanticism emphasized the individual, the subjective, the irrational, the imaginative, the personal, the spontaneous, the emotional, the visionary, and the transcendental. ...
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