Politics in the United States of America

Politics in the United States of                     


Politic in the U.S.A. isn`t very easy.

The best example were the choice last year.

Where George W. Bush jr. wins the choices afer a long way. But what is the politics in the           


Importent people                                

Everbody know that the president from the U.S.A. is George W. Bush. The president from the U.S.A. is one of the powerful men of the world. His power is over the senat and the house of representatives.


The choices in the U.S.A. were one years before.

The choices rules in the U.S.A. were`t so easy.

All the sates in the U.S.A. had choices men. The most had Califorina (54). E.g. George W. Bush

wins in California he gets the 54 choices men.

Another example: Al Gore wins in Missouri (11), Georgia (13) and in Colorado (8). So he had 32 choices men. But if Gorge W. Bush wins in New York he had 33 choices men. So it stands 32 for Gore and 33 for Bush although Al Gore wins in three states and Bush just in one! In the reality one of the canditantes need 270 choises to win. All the choices men were 538. By the choice 2000 in Florida must the count over the result because the choices men from Florida reach for the 270 mens.

Senat / the house of representatives

The senat and the house of representatives is the same why the "Bundestag" and the "Bundesrat" in Germany.

The senat: The senat is a asembly from 2 substitute from every state. The person were choose for six years.

The house of representatives:

It`s a union from general choices. altogether it gives 435 members. The persons were choose for two years. Last year it gave in the senat and in the house of representatives new choises. The famouse member is in New York Hillary Cliton the ex first woman.

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