Budgies - Wellensittiche

Budgies - Wellensittiche

I`m sure, most of you think a budgie, which is a special kind of parrot, is not as good as a dog or a cat, but you`re wrong.

Owning a budgie can also be very attractive and interesting and it`s much cheaper.

Originally budgies come from Australia. They live together in flight and all of them are coloured green-grey because if they would have another colour they couldn`t hide in the trees if there is a danger and would have been seen from their enemy.

If your are interrested in keeping a budgie or better some, you should check the following things first:

Do you have enough room for a birdcage, which should be so big, that they have a little room to fly.

Budgies are greagarius birds. You do have to accept, that they like to make noise.

The birds need to fly free daily. In the sequel it`s possible, that they make lots of dirt or nibble some plants.

You need a little time and sure some money, altough it`s not much expense to care for such a nice, tiny co-inhabitant.

Not all budgies like it, when you want to pet them. It`s possible, that they like it, but if not, you have to accept it.

Before you buy a budgie, you should know, where to go with the it, if you want to go on holiday.

If you have other pets, you should look, if they would understand with the budgie.

And last but not least make clear, if any family member or inhabitant has an allergy on feathers.

If these things I told you aren`t a problem, you have to decide to keep one or more budgies and male or female?

I and all the experts too would suggest you to keep at least 2 budgies because they don`t like it, when they`re all alone.

You can keep 2 male budgies or one pair but it`s not good to keep 2 female birds because it could happen, that they kill each fight.

If you keep one pair, you don`t have to be afraid of getting young birds, because they only are in case to propagate, if they have a nest.

But you have to be very careful and always pay attention when your bird is out of the cage.

There are many dangers and you should know what to care about.

You should always check, if the windows and doors are closed. It happens very often, that the birds fly away and they hardly can find back to their owner or are found by someone and so they die in nature.

You should always close the curtains because it could happen - and it happened to my budgie too - that they fly against the window and hurt very bad.

It`s better never to iron or to cook or light a candle, when the bird is out because your budgie doesn`t know the danger of fire or hot things and he can burn very badly.

Those were just a few examples of dangers for the bird. Others you can find in the book, I gave to you.

Most time it`s easy to care for a bird or a few and so there is nothing against buying a child a budgie, which should be at least 8 years old.

But what, if you already have a pet?

Budgies mostly understand with other pets except with cats, which are their natural enemys. You can`t tell your cat not to catch birds, because it`s the cat`s natural instinct. So it`s better to think over it very clearly.

How should I feed my budgie?

Grain is the most popular and most important food. But it`s good to feed fruits and vegetables too. But always look, that it`s washed.

There are much more things you should know about keeping a budgie, but I think I told you the most important.

Now I want to tell you a bit of my experience with my budgies..

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