He was arrested. fleeing from the scene of the accident.

They drive him

I am goingbed early, I don't feel going out.

Millions of pounds are spent..the advertising of alcoholic drinks.

I met some nice holidays. I want to .them.

What's your opinion.smoking?

Do you often watch commercials..TV?

Parents are responsible.their children.

I am sickdoing the washing-up every day.

Did you look..the poster..the door?

Kids should be warned the dangers of drugs.

I am extremely interested in skiing.

I actually look mother, but Im ver differenther.

I prefer novels ..short stories.

We must put a stop the advertising of alcohol.

I'm going to give.smoking tomorrow.

Ted died the morning of Christmas Eve.

I often listen ..youth programmes

Where does he get the money ?

What do you thinkwhen you look ..this ad?

Addicts are people who depend drugs.

Yesterday I went the cinema.

After the accident had was taken

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