Why smoking is a biohazard

Why smoking is a biohazard.

Lighting a cigarette or maybe a cigar has become a compulsive pastime for millions of people world-wide.

Even though they are very aware of all the alarming dangers caused by "cigs", people keep on smoking them. A majority of smokers maintains that consuming thousands (!) of cigarettes annually helps "to restore a well-balanced state of mind". Justifying their addiction to tobacco, they also pretend that they "savor" these moments of giving in to their inner compulsion.

So, what are the reasons why people smoke?

One might note several "good" ones, including flavor, stress, boredom, concentration, relaxation or the urge for it. As a matter of fact there AREN'T any plausible reasons to be in favor of smoking. SMOKING WILL BE YOUR DEATH. That's all.

To be precise, inhaling the smoke of cigarettes does not in the least improve the powers of concentration or strengthen the nerves. It neither makes you happy nor does it calm you down. On the contrary, time after time it seriously damages your health and, in fact, it is the most hazardous contributor to the loss of the following:

Health, * energy, * well-being, * peace of mind, * self-confidence, * courage, * self-respect, * fortune.

Understandably, a life full of smoke in and around you isn't likely to be a very long life. Smoking as an occupation acts according to a suggestion of the subconscious. Inside of the smoker, there is a beast, longing for nicotine.

Once people have got used to something enjoyable, like sports, money, the haute cuisine, love, influence and cosiness, too, they do virtually everything in order to make it the centre of their lives again and again.

This is fully in line with human nature. However, smoking is not.

It is unnatural, - and if nature had wanted mankind to smoke, we would all have been endowed with filters and a little chimney somewhere. In fact, 60 per cent of the population in Western societies is addicted to nicotine and therefore already diseased.

Undoubtedly, there's an alarmingly high degree of mortality among smokers; - one out of four  will die due to the notorious effects of smoking. So to say, smoking is like playing Russian roulette. But note, that the latter offers even better chances to survive than smoking does. To be precise, in Russian roulette you risk being shot by one bullet out of six chambers (only one out of six will die), therefore, better play THAT game.

Smoking CANNOT be a pleasure - at the most it is a dangerous expensive widespread "self-indulgence". Thus people spend their good money on cigarettes. On the other hand it is an expensive habit, but on the other hand, smokers contribute to the fact that smoking is the number one cause of death in Western industrial nations.

Although they need to be classified as addicts (together with cocaine addicts or heroin junkies) smokers are socially more tolerated. With the only difference that smokers will most probably die of incurable lung carcinoma instead of an overdose.

As smokers are addicted to a smelly darkish-brown liquid called nicotine they could ingest a briquet of coal every few years as well. Both lead to a reckless death, and, in fact, smoking IS a form of slow suicide.

Additionally, it causes several other illnesses that will plaque the smoker!

Do you really want to end up in a kind of death row? Smoking or consulting your doctor when being diseased by incurable cancer, respectively, is pretty much the same.

Back to reality: Is it possible at all to stop smoking?

Of course, it is possible. It just depends on your attitude towards life. And it won't be the hardest thing.

However, you need to try it in order to know it. Just do it.

Smokers don't have to give up but a disastrous "hobby", which in turn is supported by the tobacco industry.

Consumers of tobacco are heavily influenced by a huge brainwashing machinery. This has partly been created by the tobacco industry, but other smokers contribute to the illusionary effects of smoking as well.

Let alone the famous Marlboro cowboy who seems to enjoy his cigarette. As a matter of fact he has developed cancer and is likely to have died of it by now. I guess, telling this wouldn't be the best advertising for tobacco.

Smokers are not free. They are captured by their dirty occupation.

Smokers are never really clean. They smell and kissing them is like kissing an ash tray.

No matter what your daily routine of smoking is: better be a hero and get out of the rut.

You need to do it as soon as possible, because you must be a winner in life and not a loser.

Smokers are losers and, carefully observed, they are loosing in many fields of life.


Try to regard giving up smoking as a test (for yourself).

Firstly, there's the wonderful fact that giving up smoking will add entirely new dimensions to your life.

It won't be physically painful to stop doing it and it won't diminish your joy of life either.

You will re-gain health, fortune and self-respect. Further more you will be much respected by the people around you. While they are smoking a cigarette next to you, you might be thinking  about your former self-suffocating habit or about any other notorious effects which you have made much less likely to occur by giving up smoking.

In fact, more and more people quit smoking away their time.

Obviously, they have realised that there is an immediate need to do so for whatever reason.

It is natural, that the beast inside of you will still be longing for cigarettes in the beginning.

It might also be the cause for you to re-start for a while but in the end you will have defeated it and

from then on be a non-smoker.

As a smoker you already have one foot in the grave. It is unnatural and so will by your slow death.

So, leave the disgusting smoke BEHIND and decide now rather than later what you will do.

But you SHOULD come to a decision. Anyway, smoking in our society doubtlessly needs to be justified more and more. Smoking will be OUT and by the way, it IS a form of schizophrenia to smoke, but not wanting to smoke, isn't it?

Okay, what more can be said?
I suppose nothing, but: SMOKE YOUR LAST CIGARETTE with the good will to savour it.

If you can't, then you will already have entered a new dimension of life.

Your life as a non-smoker (healthy, naturally, soundly, and smelling well).

Good luck.

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