We supplicate all rulers not to remain deaf to the cry of mankind.

Let them do everything in their power to save peace. By so doing

they will spare the world the horrors of a war that would have

disastrous consequences, such as nobody can foresee.

-Pope John XXIII(1881-1963); October 25.1962

1961: US-Backed attempts by anti-Castro exiles to invade Cuba

at the Bay of Pigs.

Castro officially announced that Cuba was a Socialist state.

1962: Cuba is expelled of the OAS

Intensified help of the Sowjet-Union (advisors, arms, technicians)

Installation of nuclear middle-range rockets

Oct.1962: Cuba-Crisis

The USA establish a sea-blockade and prepare aerial warfare

and the invasion of Cuba.

America threatens the Sowjet Union with the total escalation of

the conflict to a nuclear war


The Sowjets redraw their missiles.

The USA redraw their obsolete Jupiter rockets of Turkey

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