The Chocolate War

The Chocolate War!

Author: Rober Cormier


Renault: He is a young boy, who attend a new school and who gets a lot of problems because of a secret club.

Brother Leon: He is a very strict and conservative teacher and he is very unfriendly.

Archie: He is a member of the secret club and he does a lot of things for the club and everyone does what he orders him.


Jerry Renault is a young boy, who has to attend a new school. It is a Catholic High school in a small town, wich is called Tirnity.

Jerry likes playing  american football and therefore he really wants to become a quarterback of his high school team. Because of that he trains very hard and he doesn't show any pain.

He is not bad at school, but there is one theacher he really doesn't like. The name of the teacher is brother Leon.

But suddenly the headmaster of the high school gets sick and brother leon becomes headmster for some time.

The Tirnity High school is a private high school and like every other private school, you have to pay some money. In that High school there is a tradition.

There the students have to pay some chocolate boxes and that earned money they have to give the school. Therefore they are allowed to go to school there.

But brother Leon want the students to sell fivty chocolate boxes for each 2 dollars. Last year the students had to sell only 25 boxes and they got for each box one dollar. But brother Leon want to earn more money fro the school.

In that school there is a secret club which is called The Vigils. Archie Costello is one member of this club. Sometimes Archie comes with a black box, in which there are five black marbel and one white marble, to a new student. When Archie does that, then he has got an assigment which has do be done. Archie has to take out one marble. If the marble is white, then the student has to do it. But if the marble is black, Archie has to do this instruction. Once Jerry's friend tells himm that the Goober has to take all the screws in Brother Eugene's classroom. Next day everything isn' right and fall to the ground. The teacher gets a breakdown and Archie should have

done it.

Then everyone has to sell the chocolate boxes and the students has to say how many boxes they hove sold. But Jerry hasn't sold any boxes, because his assigment is, not to sell a box. Brother Leon gets angry and he asks The Vigils for help. Jerry gets a hero, because nobody has done that befor. But then the Vigils tell him that he should sell some boxes, but he doesn't. Therefor the members of that club start to terrorise him.

Then every chocolate box is sold, except the boxes of Renault. Archie told every student to come next day to the sports field. Also Renault should come and next day he has to play a game with Janza, who has beaten up him once.

First Jerry gets a card and on stands how he should hit Janza. The same has tod do Janza, but then a real fight starts between them. Janza has got more power the Renault and therefor he beats him up very brutaly. Then students call an ambulance for him.

A Brother shouts at Archie, but then Brother Leon comes, who has seen the fight and he says to him that he know that he had did it for school.

Then ambulance comes.

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