The drug abuse



The drug abuse market is a multi-billion dollar business, yet the international drug market is one of the most undocumented areas. Nobody knows how many drugs addicts there are in the world.

There are a lot of theories, why people start taking drugs, but none of them have been proved.

1. "Weak Personality" Theory: This theory says that drug-takers take drugs in order to escape from their problems.

2. "Evil Pusher" Theory: This theory says that people take illegal drugs becaus a "pusher" tricks them, he makes them addicted and then sells them drug for a high profit.

3. "Pleasure" Theory: This theory suggests that people take drugs because they like the effects.

4. "Rebel" Theory: This theory says that people take drugs because it is not legal or to rebel against their parents or against the rest of society.

5. "Curiosity" Theory: This theory says that some people just curious about the effects of drugs and want to know for themselves what it is like.

6. "Doesn´t Know Any Better" Theory: Only stupid people and people who don´t understand the facts take drugs

7. "Fashion" Theory: Some people believe that people take a drug because it´s fashionable to take it.

8. "In-with-the-crowd" Theory: This theory says that people take a drug if they want to belong to the crowd.

9. "Because-it-is-offered" Theory: They might take a legal or illegal drug just because it´s offered to them. Some of these theories may be right for some of the people who take drugs, but no theory gives the whole story.


1. Amphetamines (Speed): Is a white or brown powder but can be in a pill or capsule form and usually is sniffed or injected. Makes people lively, giggly, but also depression and difficulty with sleep.

2. Cannabis (Pot, Dope,..): Hard brown material of herbal mixture. Smoked in a reefer or pipe. Makes "drunk" and talkative.

3. Cocaine (Coke): A white powder, commonly sniffed, injected or smoked. Effects to ampheta and makes dependence.

4. Crack (Rock): A recently used form of Coke. Smoked rather than snorted. Effects like Coke.

5. Heroin: White or brown powder. Can be sniffed or injected. Overdose bring death.

6. LSD: Tiny coloured tablets.Small impregnated stamps.

7. Designer Drugs: Designed drugs consist of various components and produced in laboratory. Each of these components can be taken away and new ones can be added and so they have change and have different effects.


Having an accident while under their influence. Some drugs may depress or stop breathing. · Accidental overdose can lead to unconsciousness or even death. · Addiction or dependence, after regular use. · And if a drug user starts to inject he can be infected with AIDS or hepetitis, if he takes used needles of another drug consumer.

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