Raoul:The brother of Philippe

Christine: A singer

Philippe: Raoul`s Brother

Christine`s father

The persian: He tells the 2nd part of the story

Erik: Nobody knows him

The Manager of the Opera House

Charlotta: A singer

Madame Richard: An old woman


Once apon a time,  it was in 1880  two people were sitting by the sea. It was at the coast of Brittany.

They were a young girl and an old man. The girl was singing and the manwas playing the violin.

The young girl was called Christine and the man was her father. They traveled all the countries of Europe.

Christine had a wonderful voice.

On this evening Christine was singing a sad song  about the sea and and about the love.

A man and a young boy were walking on the beach.They stopped near Christine and her

father  and listened to the music. The boy was called Raoul and the man called Philippe and 

was his big brother. Raoul was 11 and Philippe much older than Raoul.

The two brothers stood there listening to the music. Raoul asked," Will you sing a song for me?

And then Christine  sang a son for him.Then they talked. Christine`s father said when he will be dead

that he would send her the best singing  teacher of the world.

Then they heard some music.It was very beutiful and Christine said,``Is that the angle of music?``

The opera in Paris is a huge building. There are hundreds of rooms.There are many coridors.

And there are many cellars,deep under the stage.

One evenig in 1890 there was a party. Every body told stories about the Phantom.

Charlotta the famous singer had seen it. Everybody was very frightened.

It wears everytime a black cloak and a white mask on his face and every evenig it sits in Box number 5.

In 1890 Raoul was Twenty-one. On one evenig he went with his brother to the opera,but there

Charlotta didn`t sing no there was an other girl singin. When Raoul looked he saw that it was Christine.After the performace  Raoul went to her dressing-room, but there were many people.

In front of the door a man was standing and said,``I`m a doctor. You must not go into the room.

The other people went away but Rauol spoke to the man and soRauol could talk with Christine.

Very often Rauol went to Christine`s dressing room but he could not speak to her because

one day she wasn`t there and on the other she couldn`t hear him.So Rauol was very sad becouse

he was in love with her. One day when he came he saw that Christine opened the mirrow and spoked to somebody.Then Raoul wrote letters to her and she wrote back and in that stud,``Come tomorow to the ball.You must wear

a white mask  and you mustn`t tell anybody your name or your face.

There Christine went away and Raoul went after her.

Raoul talked whith Christine about Erik. Christina said,``Erik is an architect and a musician.

He is my teacher.He is the angle of music.``

Raoul wanted to speak to Erik becouse Christine said she must not marry Raoul.

In one performace was Christine singing but then after one momend light turned out and Christina was gone.

Raoul looked everywere  but he couldn`t find her then he asked the Persian for help.

The Persian knows every room and every coridor.

They went into the cellars of the opera. They were a labyrint. But the Persian knows how was

The way to Erik and he thought that Christine would be there.

When they were there they saw Erik and Christine, but they couldn`t go to them becouse there was a

metal  grille.They looked up and saw them. Erik said to Christine ,``Look at these handles, The one

is a fish and the other is an eagle. The Fish brings water and the eagle fire.``Christine chose

the fish and The Persian and Raoul stod in water. The water came higher and higher.

Then the persian said;``Have you seen Erik without his masc?``

Christine did it away and she was shocked when she saw his face. It was white , his eyes where dark holes, he had no hair and he had no nose.His face was like a a dead man.But Christine

said that she could love him.Then Erik saved the lives of Raoul and the Persian and let Christine go.

When they went away they heart a music.It was Erik, the Phantom. He had died!

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