Book - Report - Natural Born Killers - novel

Book - Report

Title: " Natural Born Killers"

Author: A novel by John August and Jane Hamsher

     Based on a story by Quentin Tarantino

Other Information: It was puplished by the Penguin Group in 1994.

Type of Book: It is a book about an "Action Film" which was played in


       the cinema.

Subject: It is the story about their rise and fall, two born-to-die


      clinging to the underbelly of the American Dream.

Setting: It plays in the present USA.

Characters:  Mickey Knox: He is a young man who  likes to wear

tinted  "John  Lennon"  glasses  and    ripped jeans.

          He is a dangerous psychopath, who likes to

          kill people in a abominable way.

Mallory Wilson : She   is  the  young   woman   who

      loves Mickey and would do everything

          for him.

   Detective Jack Scagnetti: He is the  chef  investigator

    who hunts Mallory and


   Wayne Gale: He is a rich reporter who tries to film the

        Mallory and Mickey.

Events / Plots:

One day Mickey Knox and Mallory Wilson came to a little town named

Kankakee Sonic. They both where hungry and so the went to a cafeteria.

Mallory went to the woman's restroom and light a cigarette. One woman in

the restroom told her to stop smoking. Mallory didn't and so the both

fight against each other. Tina's head crashed against one of the

porcelain sinks and she died. The other women cried and Mallory called

and Mickey came to the restroom. After he has seen what happened he

pulled out his gun and shot the women dead. In the cafeteria they both

killed the other guests and only one survived. This event was later

called the "Kankakee Massacre".

After this Mallory and Mickey had to flew. The where hunted by police

and specially by Detective Jack Scagnetti. On their escape from police

Mallory and Mickey killed at every hotel or petrol station people and

the let one witness alive. After some weeks the become popular in the

USA and some fans of them founded fan clubs. Mallory and Mickey married

on their escape and so the police found out where they stay. Jack

Scagnetti and some other policemen arrest them and they came into a

prison. Wayne Gale wanted to make a interview with Mickey. When Wayne

interviewed Mickey, Mickey could open his handcuff took a gun from a

police officer, killed Jack Scagnetti and took Wayne Gale and his

cameraman as a hostage. The camera-man had to film the rescue of

Mallory. The people could see it live on TV. After Mickey and Mallory

killed some police officer  and escaped with Wayne and the camera-man in

a transporter.  After some days Mickey killed Wayne and the camera-man

filmed it.

Mickey and Mallory Knox are currently still at large, although the FBI

investigation as to their whereabouts continues. Their official fan

club, the Owen Traft Society, has a membership of over 15 000, who each

pay $35 a year for a newsletter and memorabilia relating to the two.

Ideas: The Author wants to show us how people are sensationalism about


   gruel in the world.

Opinions: I like the book because it is interesting to read about the

life of

        two persons who had to escape the police.

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