Bisamberg - The devil on the Bisamberg

The devil on the Bisamberg

Poldl was a poor farm-hand who lived at the border of Vienna. He loved Resi, the daughter of a farmer. Poldl wanted to marry her, but the farmer had high dept and for that reason he wanted his daughter to marry a rich man.

One day, Poldl  went up the Bisamberg and was really sad. He was thinking of suicide by jumping into the Danube, because he knew that his love was hopeless. Suddenly a strange man came right to him and said: "You are sad, but I can help you. The only thing you must do is giving me your soul." Poldl didn't know what to do. He wasn't sure about this deal, but his feelings for Resi were really strong. Only for his certainty he made the sign of the Cross. The stranger snapped at Poldl: "Stop that! Either you need my help or you don't!"

"I really want to marry Resi, but I don't have any money!" Poldl said.

"So I can help you, you just have to sign with your blood." The devil said. But Poldl was not stupid. He wanted the devil to prove his power, but then he signed the pact. Then they arranged to meet again at this point of time, when the oak-tree would have lost all it's leaves.

Satan gave Poldl a piece of gold, which had to be placed under the apple tree in the garden. At the next day, after the farmer had passed the tree, Poldl would find a treasure at this place. It all happened exactly this way and so Poldl had enough money to marry Resi.

So he was really happy. But as sooner the day of meeting came, Poldl became more and more sad. One night of full moon he told his wife the truth. But Resi was not worried, but said: "You did all really well!"

Fall came, the leaves turned, but didn't fall off. Even in winter the oak didn't loose it's leaves. The devil was really furious, but couldn't change things. Spring came and the devil recognized that new leaves grew. Because of all his anger he scratched them. From this moment on the leaves of oaks have their strange form.

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