The Wave by Morton Rhue

Questions(x.) and answers(x.y):

  1. You are Laurie! Write a diary-entree in which you write down the daily events as well as thoughts and feelings!

1.1            Today, it was a terrible day. The film that I saw in our history lesson was awful. When I saw the film I felt more scared than ever before. My boyfriend David  could not sheltered me. Nobody could stop this feeling. I hope a situation like this will never come again. Good night, my dear diary.

  1. Information about some performer (or persons):


·       looser

·       does not care about marks

·       outcast

·       famous brother

·       is avid


·       a star

·       good at sports

·       good at school

·       pretty girlfriend


·       football player

·       similar to David

football team:

·       no team spirit

·       lazy

Carl, Alex:

·       funny guys

·       writers for the school magazine


·       grapevine boss

·       pretty girl

·       scared about the film in the history lesson     

3.     How does come Ben's plan about?

      3.1 .to show the pupils how the Germans could be involved in the    


4.     What is his intention at first?

4.1  At first he likes his plane. But later he starts to get senses of


5.     Describe the second step of the experiment!

      5.1 Now the whole school knows the wave. Everybody notices the flags and  

      parols. They have the three main sentences: "strength through Discipline and Strength to Community"

6.     How does the wave affect the schools football team?

6.2  The school football team is much more motivated. Every member wants to win the following games. They are a unity now.

7.   Go through the first part of the chapter and write down in favor of and    against the experiment!


·       involved in groups

·       A better football team

·       more discipline


·       no individuality

·       not every persons likes the wave

8.     What are the students thought about discipline?

8.1 They make fun of the sentences, which Ben told them. Although he asked David, Brian and Eric about this earnest theme, they made jokes about that. They did not know the really meaning of this sentences.

9.     Why are they thought that?

9.1  Perhaps they are to young to understand that.

10.  What does Ben Ross practice with them!

10.1Because they did not want to listen to Ben Ross, Ben practice with them             a excurse how to sit strength. At first some students did not stop

            laughing but later they stop because they start to understand that the

      practice is an important theme they have to learn for their life.

11.  Why do the students start to like the changes?

11.1Because changes means mostly new things. And young pupils like new         things, because new things are more interesting than old things.


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