Cast Away




Cast Away

What keeps Chuk Noland really alive?

It`s a question of time till you get mad by being alone on an uninhabited island. How often have you thought about to escape to an island where no one can find you no phones, no job and no stress only you and the rustle of the ocean.

For Chuck Noland this became reality, after a plane crash in the Pazific Ocean Chuck and some packeges were washed up on an unhabited island. Where he had to stay for the next 4 years. So what were the aspects which kept him alive alltrough those rough times?

1.FedEx packages

He is a man who takes his job seriously, he is the man of his words,if the clients entrust FedEx their delivery that means that it must reach their destination with quickness and security. So the one package he hadn`t opened shows that he still hopes to bring it back to the sender. Even after four years of lonlynes he hadn`t forget his mission. The wings on the box are a symbol for liberty, they cab carry you away. They became an emblem for his escape the wings let his raft fly over the surf back to the cvilization.

2.The watch with the picture of Kelly

Almost everyone knows that love can make incredible thinks come true. Before his departure Kelly gave him an old watch which was a family heirloom with her picture in it. Her smile and her eyes made him staying alive. He hoped deep in his soule to see her again.

3. The volleyball

Human beings die if they have no contact to anybody else. So Chuck drew a face on a volleyball wich bacame his friend and was even admired by Chuck. It let him know that he is not allone on this blooming island. It gave him the feeling of friendship, trus and security.

4. fighter character

Chuck isn`t a week man, he is the gladiator in the modern world. He is a fighter at at the same time he is a scared littel boy who is affraid of death. But the fighter in him wins the game an let him do the incredible thing.

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