Tom Sharpe,Wilt

                                   Tom Sharpe,Wilt

Some information about the author :


   Tom Sharpe was born in 1928 and educated at Lancing College and at

   Pembroke College, Cambridge. He did his National Service in the Marines

     before going to South Africa in 1951, where he did social work for the

   Non-European Affairs Departement before teaching in Natal. He had a   

   photographic studio in Pietermaritzburg from 1957 until 1961, when he was

   deported. From 1963 to 1972 he was a lecturer in History at the Cambridge

   College of Arts and Technology. In 1986 he was awarded the XXXIIIième

   Grand Prix de L'Humour Noir Xavier Forneret. He is married, has three

   daughters and lives in Cambridge.

Summary :


   Henry Wilt, Assistant Lecturer (Grade Two) at the Fenland College of Arts

   and Technology has his job for ten years and he hates it. Also he hates Eva,

   the wife at his side since the twelve years of marriage and so he just considers

   of how he could kill her the easiest way.

   One day, after being told that he wasnt promoted fifth time in a row and later

   getting punched by one of his pupils he comes home and Eva says to him, that

   she wants to suck his nipples until he comes oral wise, so the only thing he

   does is turn around and flee for the next hours. The woman Eva has her

   inspirations from for such things is Sally Pringsheim, a bi-sexual

   nymphomatic new friend of her. The next day Eva and Henry (against his will)

   go to a party from Sally and her husband Gaskell, a rich and important    

   scientist. At the party, Sally gives Henry the order to fuck her but he dont want

   to. Sally is really enraged at that and when Henry fells down and is

   unconscious for a moment Sally takes all his clothes off and stucks his dick in

   Judy, the sex-doll of her man. Henry wakes up but cant get out, falls again and

   the people from the party see him lying around like this. Late at night he goes

   home alone. Next day after coming home from work he finds a letter from Eva

   and a package.The letter says that she wont ever forgive him and that she will 

   be away a few days with Sally and Gaskell. In the package there lies Judy.



   And Eva really spends the next days together with Pringsheims on a boat.  

   First she thinks everything they do or talk about is so wonderful and

   intelligent, but at the end she gets trouble with them and escapes from the


   Meanwhile Henry has the most exciting week in his life.

   At the first evening he tries to "practice" the murder and dresses the doll with   

   clothes and a wig of Eva. He carries her to a 10 meters deep hole near his   

   school which shall be filled with cement the next day and Judy -against

   Henrys will, he just wanted to test it- fells in. Henry, unlucky as he is, also  

   loses some papers there. The next day the workers come and fill in the cement  

   but they think theyve seen a woman in there, find the papers that Henry wrote

   and so the Police catches him for murder. The next six days Henry spents with

   Inspector Flint, who wants him to make a confession but Henry doesnt, instead

   he makes him mad. Some very shamy moments for the Inspector, some very

   disillusionary ones for Eva and very funny ones for Henry later, Eva comes  

   back and so they have to let Henry go, but the one who is most unhappy about

   it, is Henry himself

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