Colour themes

Colour themes

Having a closer look on the film, one can see, that all the colours used in it are chosen with a special intention. The main colours appearing, are green, blue, red and yellow. The colours green and blue are chosen to distinguish the inside from the outside of the Matrix, the Nebuchadnezzar.


Inner side of Matrix        makes you feel sick.

Technical things are green       control by machines       


"reality"  is filmed with blue lights 


(signal colour =>  appears to emphasize important details )

1.)             Positive: Guide into personal freedom

2.)             Negative: Danger and temptation/diversion


Faith => appears in important changes of the film

Conspicuous scenes:

-        oracle

-        market

-        garbage ban

-        agent's death


-        telephone cell

-        letters of alarm watch

-        computer

-        map of agent

-        => control of machines, decaying world, makes one feel sick


-        reality

-        Nebuchadnezzar

-        Blue lights

-        Starts with blue pill

-        => more at home, but not comfortable


( important details => signal colour)

1.)   positive: - Lady with rabbit ( make up ) => Trinity

-        reflections on the water  => Morpheus

-        red chairs/ pill => truth

-        plantations => reality

-        ===> freedom ( breaks out of his incubator )

2.)   negative


    -red woman

     -meat + wine


-        red woman (?)

-        red shirt of Cypher

-        red eyes of machines

-        red floor ( déjà vu ) ==> trap

Yellow :

Faith ( important changes )

-        Neo's + Agents' coats

-        Fight between Morpheus and Agent Smith + between Neo and Smith

-        Buttons on the phone, Cypher answers

Conspicuous scenes:

(The situation becomes more complex)

Garbage ban ( red + green)


-        pillows ( red + green); dress (green) + apron (red) ; kitchen magnets on the refrigerator                                                                                                                                                                      (tricolour)

Market ( three colours)

Contrast between blue + green => more conspicuous in the end

Agent's death=> division of green and yellow => a. I. is no longer our future

MATRIX: Was there a scene in the film that was particularly challenging from conception to actual execution?

BILL: This is the most difficult movie I have ever heard about. There are no simple scenes. I wish there was just one scene where you could sit down and photograph people, but there isn't. No shot is straight forward. The brothers always make their work interesting, even if it is just a normal shot they layer it with effects and the different realities, themes and colors.

MATRIX: Can you tell me about the two colors that are used to distinguish the inside from the outside of the Matrix?

BILL: To distinguish the Matrix from 'reality', from the Nebuchadnezzar and the pods, 'reality' was given a cooler look, a bluer, more normal, less sickly look. The future in the film is cold, the sun is blotted out, there is no real warmth unless it is artificial heat, so that is whey they went for the cool side. Whereas the Matrix, created by the computers, is a decadent, decaying world, so it has a green hue. These are the two different colors - green and blue. The Matrix should make you feel sick, and in 'reality' you should feel a little more at home, but never comfortable. If you make it gold and warm you know that it is home, a safe haven. The other day I started using warm lights, I did this unconsciously for the first time in Neo's bedroom. It just felt right that it should be slightly warm. As harsh as that bunk is, it is the only home he has got.

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