Forrest Gump is played by Tom Hanks. In this story Forrest is telling us about his whole live.

The dad of Forrest Gump died just after Forrest was born and his mother didn't want him to play with the other kids when Forrest was growing up, because they always hit him.     First Forrest went to an ordinary school where he met Jenny Curran, a nice girl. Then he got into an "idiot- school", but one day a man come and took the boy with him to play football in a team. In the new school he met Jenny again.

After some time Forrest got in an other school.- In a university to play football in a better team. They won the first game and then he got another friend- Bubba. Bubba taught him  how to play harmonica. Forrest also met Jenny again. Now Forrest played with Jenny in a music- group and if he didn't play music he played football, but one day he played very bad and he decided to go to army. In army everything got wrong. After a year he got to Vietnam to fight. In jungle he met Bubba again The fight got harder and one day Bubba was hurt strong. Forrest wanted to help him, but he also knew that if he went to help him it could be that he die. But he helped Bubba and he was very brave the whole time. So he got a medal from the President when he was back in America.

One day Forrest met Jenny again on a concert. They played together and in the night they kissed and came together. But after some time they fight and Jenny went to Washington. Forrest won't lose her and so he went to Washington too. There they came together again, but then Forrest got to NASA and so he couldn't see Jenny very often and  if they meet they always fight.

Some time later Forrest wanted to go home but on his way home he met a chess- player and then the two man went to a chess- tournament. Forrest won a lot but one day an ape jumped around and it was a disaster. So Forrest decided to went home now and he took the ape with him because they have got friends. At home he visited all his friends, his old football teacher, Bubba's dad and he also heard that Jenny got married and she had two kids.

One day while he was playing harmonica in a park he met Jenny again. She had a young son called "Forrest", and the father was Forrest himself.

The End

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