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English Speech:                                            Mobile E-Business

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1.    Summary of the Article

2.    The history of a mobile-phone

3.    Special Technologies

a.     GPRS

b.    Bluetooth

c.     GSM

d.    WAP

4.    The pros and cons of such Mobiles


Mobile E-Business

Dear Mrs. Gletthofer, dear classmates!
The title of my presentation is "Mobile E-Business". I have choosen this article because I am very interested in this topic!

I have divided my talk into 4 parts.
The first part of my talk will concern the Summary of the Article.

Secondly I will inform you about the history of a mobile. Finally I am going to explain some technical terms and the negative aspects  of cellular telephones.

I would be glad to answer any questions at the end of my talk, but now to the talk:

The aritcle describes the current situation in the Information technology and what the future will look like, with new e-business inventions.

In Europe the Internet is a fast growing medium, and nearly ½ of the population in Europe has access to it. But a new technology is growing much faster, than anything else!  THE WIRELESS WEB.

Already now, there are more mobile users, than Internet surfers. Some famous people interviewed in the article say, that the Internet and the Mobile phone will be going  more and more over into one thing, called E-business.

E-business is splitt into e-banking, e-trading and e-shopping.

You can say, that the beginning of e-business was, when Ericsson, Motorolla and Nokia formed the Wireless Application Protocol ( WAP ), 4years ago.

Most of the new mobiles, which you can buy, have already included a WAP microbrowser. With this function you are able to get the newest news and the weatherforecast: You can even buy admission tickets for the cinema and also whole cars.

Today, we know this kind of business already, but this technology is just at the beginning. It is said, that in future, you will be able to do nearly everything with your mobilephone. You will be able to pay at the vending machine and also at the petrolium station. It will be possible to send flowers to any person you want and to pay your monthly bills via mobile.

With the help of packet switching systems like GPRS, and UMTS the speed will be much higher than with todays 56k Modems.

It will be possible to send E-Mails and control the functions of your mobile by voice. This is also a new technology which is still  at the beginning.

In the following few sentences I want to describe the history of the mobile-phone.

Predecessors of today's mobile are Pagingsystems, D-Netz, and packet radio. These systems are very simple, and not efficient. So technicans of Europe came together to develop a new much better transfer system, called GSM. GSM stands for "Globale System for Mobile communication" .

After the official start in 1992 the number of GSM users exploded! In 1993 already over 1 Mio people were connected by GSM. A few years later, GSM was used nearly everywhere around the globe, and so Roaming started.  GSM has been often improved. Today GSM is the world leader of mobile systems. There are worldwide 200 GSM Nets, in 109 countries with 44 Mio members.

The system architecture of a GSM Nets contains a lot of components.

One part, of this architecture, which a lot of people use, is the mobile phone or mobile station. The Mobile station sends digital signals to the BASE Transceiving station, which is mostly only an antenna with an electronic device. Many Base transceiving stations are connected to the Base Station Controller. The Mobile Switching Center is the head of the GSM Net. It controls and switches the lines in a GSM System. For the calls, which go to other net providers or to the telecom there is a gateway at the Mobile switching center. It is also connected to some registers, which store a lot of information.

The data which is transceived between the Base transceiving station and the mobile phone is callled the Physical Layer. To transmit many Bytes, to different users,  at a short time over this Physical Layer, modulation is necessary. There are 3 forms of modulation:

·       FDMA = Frequency Division Multiple Access

·       TDMA = Time Division Multiple Access

·       CDMA = Code Division Multiple Access

The GSM net has improved lots of times. New inventions have made GSM faster and efficien.

One of the last great inventions was GPRS. This is a system, in which the information is splitt and sent in  packets. Through this system it is possible to achieve transferring rates, that are 10 times faster. Another advantage of GPRS is that you are always online, that means, that you are always connected to the Base Transceiving Station. You will pay for the size of the data you download.

A very new technology is Blue Tooth. This system is able to connect your mobile phone, with other electronic tools without any cable!

This is possible with the help of radio signals at a frequency of 2.4-2.5GHz. The maximum distance between a Blue Tooth Mobile and the receiving station must be 10meters. I think this is a very useful invention, and it will replace a lot of wires in an office.

In a few years, a new technology will be aviable called UMTS, which stands for Universal Mobile Telecommunication System.

The developers of this system have combined all inventions, which have ever been made and produced one perfect system. With this technology you achieve a speed, which is so extremly high, that you can watch videofilms over your mobile.

By the time this system is in use, most of the people will use e-business.


When you hear of new inventions, most of the people think positive. But there are a lot of negative affects too. Especially in e-business the opinions are different. One group says, that the waves of a phone transmission are very dangerous, another group says the opposite. Also scientists are not sure. Another con, is , that this new technique can be used against us, what we all have read in the article "Tech's double Edged Sword", where the mobile phones were used, to communicate between the terrorists.

As you can see, there are not only advantages of such inventions.

But sooner or later the moment will come, when everybody will order things online. Although this technique will be very helpful in our life, I don't hope, that this evolution leads to "couch potatoes",

Thank you  for your attention. I hope you have enjoyed my speech.

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