Chris will go to university in Newcastle next day. On 2nd October he remembers about the past. He reads the letters by Helen, which he found in his room. The letters take him back to January, to the beginning of the journey to his past.

Chris lives with his father and his brother Guy in a house. He doesn't know who his mother is. He had never wanted to know it. But in that year he got to know her. Helen lives together with her parents and her brother Robbie.

Chris and Helen fall in love with each other. One day in January they sleep with each other. After few weeks it turns out that Helen is pregnant. From this time she begins to write letters to her little "Nobody". Although her mother is against the baby and for an abortion, Helen wants to get the baby. Helen writes about her feelings and experiences. She often thinks about her baby and the time when the baby will be there. But Chris always thinks about the relationship to Helen. He never thinks about the baby. He only doesn't want to loose Helen. So he decides not to go to Newcastle. Chris wants to go to university in October, but October is the month when the baby sill be born and he wants to take care of Helen. October is also the month, when Helen wanted to go to a dance school. But now she can't.

Helen doesn't want that Chris spoils his future. So she ports with Chris. She breaks down any kind of contact with him. Chris is very sad and unhappy about this reaction. He tries to save their relationship. But nothing helps.

Although Helen separated from Chris, she always must think of Chris. Deep inside her there is a fear. And at the same time there is a kind of calm. On 30th of September Helen gives birth to "Nobody".

Chris sits in his room and thinks of Helen and the baby. He takes his bike and drives to the hospital. He sees the baby and is a little bit shocked. He is scared to touch it.

In Newcastle Chris writes a story to Amy, it's her story. He writes, that he had realized on her birthday, that all these months he had never thought of her. He cannot say that Amy is her daughter. So he realized, he is not ready for himself.

In November Chris gets a happy letter from Helen. She writes that everything is allright and that Amy is healthy. Also her mother likes the baby.

The book got a lot of awards. The newspaper in G.B. wrote great reviews. The language is not very difficult and it's easy to read. It deals with realistical problems and the characters are believable. The story describes the feelings of a teenager, who is pregnant, and her boy-friend. What should they do with their future, when there is a baby ? That question and a lot of others are dealt with in this book.

I like this book very much. I think the same like Helen. It shows that it's very difficult for a teenager to become a mother or a father. And I think parents should stand behind their children. Abortion is no solution, because you would kill a living being. I can recommend this to everyone.

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