Not dressed like that, you don't

Not dressed like that, you don’t !

Jenny is a young 15-year-old girl and lives a ordinary live. And like everyone at her age she’s got a lot of problems with parents and friends. Jenny’s story is starting here.

The new school year is beginning and on the first day Jenny notices a new boy at school. His name is David Slater and he seems to be very sporty. Jenny wants to get to know him. So she joins the sailing club in which he spends his free time. But she starts to hate sailing after three times on the sea. But, David speaks with her the first time. On the 22nd of February Jenny has a big birthday party. She invites all her friends to this party. But this partynight is the worst night of her young life although she has been so excited about it, because a friend of Jenny takes two other guys with her - it turns out that they’re gatecrashers. They are very drunken and suddenly they start a fight with one of the partyguests. The fight ends as one of the boys falls against a window and gets badly hurt.

The next day the whole school is speaking about Jenny’s party the day before. One week later Jenny has got her first date with David. She feels great and likes him very much and so he does. About a month later also Sadie, Jenny’s best friend, gets a boyfriend. His name is Pete and a good friend of David. In between David gets a job in a burger bar. He works on Sundays and Thursdays. Jenny is very worried about this because they cannot meet each other as often as they used to. 4 weeks later Pete drops Sadie. Sadie is stamped in the ground. She has liked him very much and she can’t understand the whole world any more. Jenny wants David to cheer Sadie up and help her a little bit with her problems.

But consoling changes into love. David drops Jenny and starts to go out with Sadie. Jenny is very furious about it but after some weeks she starts to take it cool and she says to herself that life is still going on. 44195pvm57rlo5b

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