Raiffeisen - The Raiffeisen Computing Center

"We are the competent partner for our customers."

"Through teamwork to success"

The Raiffeisen Computing Center is a daughter of the Raiffeisen Bank.

The Computing Center itself has the following daughter/joint venture companies:


The Company - Guiding Principles, Policy / Goals

Success is possible only through quality and economic viability in our work and products.

Quality means the creation of reliable solutions that are suitable for the market and the


We see it as our obligation to continually improve our processes, avoid errors, and learn from

our mistakes.

This awareness must be set as an example by all members of management at all levels, and

the employees must also be made aware in order to mutually implement this philosophy.

Products and Services!

·       data storage

·       EDIFACT

·       Comprehensive SAP R/3 - solutions

Profit and Loss Statement:

Expenses ATS 1177,6            RevenuesATS 1169,0

                                   Loss    ATS   -8,6    


          1177,6                         1177,6

Balance Sheet

Fixed Assets    ATS 791,9  Liabilities                 ATS 650,6

Current Assets ATS 176,1  Shareholder's equity ATS 317,4

968                                                                 968

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