Internet    history of the internet requirements for being online possibilities internet in schools risks and safety on the internet     history: The ARPA net (Advanced Research Projects Agency Net ) , which was developed for the US Ministry of Defence in 1973, was the first real computer network. The idea of the ...
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THINK OF SOMEONE WITH A DISABILITY...   What do you feel? Pity... guilt... fear? These are widespread feelings. And they are useless. Forget them! Disabled people don’t want them. They don’t do any good. So what do people with disabilities want? There are lots of ways of finding out. For instance asking them is a good start... ...
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TITANICThe film starts in the year 1997. Two small submarines are diving down to the wreck of the Titanic. Treasure hunters get up a safe from an apartment because they search for a special necklace called “the Heart of the Ocean”. It is a blue heart-shaped diamond which makes the necklace so special. The treasure hunters are very dis ...
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TOO YOUNG TO DIE - Lurlene McDaniel

-. TOO YOUNG TO DIE Author: The book was written by Lurlene McDaniel, who lives in Chattanooga, Tennessee. She wrote this book, because one of her sons was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes. Other books written by her: Good by doesn’t mean forever Time to let go Now I lay me down to sleep Summary: Melissa Austin, a 16- year old ...
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Travelling  Welcome to our presentation. We are going to tell you something about travelling. For example where you could stay, how to get there, about some popular cities and countries and even their sights. We will start with places where you can stay.  Where to stayBefore you go on holiday you have to think about where you would ...
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Using limking words for text construction

Using limking words for text construction  Before the writing stage the relationship between the various ideas and different arguments should be indicated on the mind map. Here is a list of linking devices to choose from.   Purpose Linking words Contrast and comparison While, whereas, in contrast, however, but, (al)though ...
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Referat Fach: English 2001 7Ahs Alter d. Verf. 17QQueen VictoriaQueen Alexandria Victoria was born at Kensington Palace, in London, on 24 May 1819, as the only child of the fourth son of King Georg III, Edward, duke of Kent. She hadn`t had a happy childhood.   Her father died very early, shortly after she was born and victoria becam ...
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Vietnam - The Geography of Vietnam

Today the vast majority of questioned people associate the word "Vietnam" with the cruel war, which took place in this small Southeast Asian country after the second World War. This war carried out by the United States cannot be understood without some knowledge of Vietnam's earlier history. The origins of the conflict that has deeply a ...
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VIOLENCE- Gewalt   Today I´m going to tell you something about violence, because I think this is one of the main problems in our time. „Violence“ may concern different aspects. The word violence itself has different meanings and can be used to describe several kinds of actions, as it has a psychological and a physica ...
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Vortrag - New York

New York  New York is the biggest city of the United States, the city of the cities and the “World Capital of Excitement”, to name only a few epithets and superlatives, which everybody associates with this metropolis. It’s further the centre of global finance, communications, business and the home of the United Nations. ...
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