KIDNAPPED-Robert Louis Stevenson

KIDNAPPED-Robert Louis Stevenson

R. L. Stevenson:

Robert Louis Stevenson was born in Edinburgh on 13th November 1850. At the age of seventeen he enrolled at Edinburgh University to study engineering; his father hoped to deliver him his firm later. However, he abandoned this course of studies and made the compromise of studying law. When he finished the studies he didn't practise, because he knew that he wanted to be a writer. He went to France to join a company of other young writers. There he wrote many short stories, novels and romances.. 

He died in December 1894 and was buried at the top of Mount Vaea above his home on Samoa.

The story:

Once, there was a 17 years old boy, called David Balfour. His parents were dead; and he had to go to his uncle Ebenezer Balfour to get a job there, because it was his fathers last wish. So he did. In his uncle's town, nobody liked Ebenezer! But that didn't mind. When he get there, his uncle was quite unfriendly to him. By the way, his uncle wanted to kill him, but that didn't work. So Mr Ebenezer Balfour went with David to Queensferry (that was a town nearby). There he played a trick on him. He gave  the captain of a big ship some money, to "kidnap" David.

When they were in a inn, David had been given sleep-powder in his juice. Then he met the captain-  Mr Hoseason. He said that he wanted to show Ebenezer and David his ship. When they got there, David fell asleep..

When he woke up, his uncle has gone away. He was alone in a dark room, round his arms and his feet a rope was pulled. He went sick. Mr Riach -the doctor of the ship- gave him some medicine. When he went better, he had to work as the  cabin-boy in the Round-House. He had to server drinks and meals to the VIP's of the ship.

One day, he met a Jacobite-Alan Breck. His boat had being broken, so the captain took him on his ship. David heard, that the men on the ship wanted to kill Alan. So he thought, that it was his only chance to get off the ship, to tell the stranger. So Mr Breck and David decided to surprise them. They took their guns and fought against them and won the fight!

They stayed on the ship and one day there was a big storm! David went over board..

When he reached mainland, he got some messages from Alan. Soon he met him. They wanted to get to Mr. Balfour, to demand a further explanation.

But on the way, they got into trouble. There were sometimes in really risky situations, because David was a Whig and Alan was a Jacobite. But in the end they found the way to Mr Rankeillor, to ask him about his queer uncle. Mr Rankeillor was a lawyer. He told David, that David's father was the elder brother. Then he told him that David's father had quarrelled with Ebenezer every time, because they admired the same woman. So Ebenezer took the whole ownership, and  committed him the woman. Finally, the woman went away, and left both.

When David heard about that, he pondered about it.

So they decided to outwit Mr Balfour. Before they went to see him, Mr Rankeillor  gave him some new clothes and invited him to have dinner with him.

Finally they went to Ebenezer's house. Alan Breck knocked on his door. When Ebenezer opened it, Alan told him that David was alive. He said that he would care about him, when he would give him some money. Mr Balfour was horrified! By the time they talked about the kidnapping.

After that Mr Rankeillor and David got out of their hideout, and talked with the old man.

So Mr Rankeillor could witness the kidnapping! It was so major, because when there was a court case, David would have a better chance to win!

In the night, David couldn't sleep, because he was thinking of his future.




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